The HFI-TA-05 Intelligent Heat Detector is a point detection device that continuously samples for temperature variation in the protected area to provide the earliest warning of a fire condition in areas where traditional smoke detection products are not suitable. This detector forms part of the Altair range of aesthetically pleasing low profile detection and alarm products and is fully compatible* with all frie control equipment utilizing the Hyfire fully digital communication protocol. An integral magnet test facility allows easy activation to verify correct functionality and reporting.  

Key Feature

Multiple modes of operation
- Auto addressing capability on compatible fre control panels
- Bi-directional isolator to protect against cable faults
- Utilises fully digital Hyfire protocol with high noise rejection
- Dual bi-colour LEDs providing 360deg cone of visibility
- Open style mounting base offers easy wiring and low pressure locking
- Programmable using the Device Programming Tool
- Magnet test capability
- 5 year product warranty  


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